Story Maps

Story Maps

For better or worse, we have moved into a virtual world. And with the proliferation of mobile devices, we take that virtual world with us everywhere we go.

Maps have made the leap to that ever expanding landscape and so has Digital Mapping Solutions. We now offer Story Map services.

Take a few moments to peruse the Story Maps we created for our clients and for personal use.

Don't know what a Story Map is? Think of a Story Map as a online, interactive map with some text, images, and video to explain what's on the map. It's that simple. But as you can see from the examples below, they can get rather complex.

Wildland Fire/Fire Management

This ESRI Hub Site is the central online home for the Napa County CWPP Update project. It includes several Story Maps, a Survey123 form, and an interactive, editable web application. Click the heading above to visit the Hub Site.

This Story Map was put together to highlight a data gathering project that aimed to inform both homeowners and project managers. Data will be used to help refine project scopes. Click the heading above to visit this Story Map

First compiled in 2014, this Story Map has been updated to the latest web app standards.

Put together for the Diablo Fire Safe Council, this Story Map highlights the ongoing projects to improve fire safety in and around the east bay area.

With the aim of distilling a large fire plan into something more palatable, Jackson and Josephine Counties in southern Oregon utilized ESRI’s Story Map map series tabbed layout. This layout takes advantage of “tabs”. Like tabs in a web browser, this template provides a familiar way to navigate through information. Each tab focuses on a single topic, picture, video, or map with panels of information on the right that explains what information is presented.


The Claremont Canyon Conservancy wanted to update their trail map and put it online to entice all those millennials outside. This journal Story Map not only provides maps of specific trails, but also details the history and work the Claremont Canyon Conservancy does to make it such a great place to hike.

Sometimes a map layer can be overwhelming. Having the ability to quickly exclude, then include that information can be helpful in making a statement. In this example, using the Sideswipe template allowed us to show the cumulative impact of multiple, small acreage logging units over many years along the Gualala River.

Using the Bulleted Map Series template, this story map shows four different trail configurations for a planned trail development in Truckee, CA. Stakeholders were able to compare each option using this story map.

Personal Projects