Geospatial Analysis

Geographic information systems allows us to see our landscapes in a different light. From surface analysis, network analysis, and geovisualization, allow Digital Mapping Solutions to find the right path to the answers you need.

Fire Behavior Modelling

With our background in fire ecology, Digital Mapping Solutions specializes in providing fire behavior modelling (predicted flame length, rate of spread, and much more) using industry-standard tools such as ArcFuels, FARSITE and FlamMap.


Need a map? Then this is the right place to come.

Digital Mapping Solutions has been making maps for over 25 years. From poster-sized to report inserts and web maps, we have the skills and experience to create a map that will serve your needs.

Other Services

Digital Mapping Solutions is well versed in the current location-enabled mobile applications to map features out in the field. Allow us to use Collector, Survey123, Avenza, or other app to capture your data for you, or help clean-up your files.

If there’s something not listed here that you need, please ask! We have worked on such a wide variety of projects, we are bound to have a solution for your project.