“Yesterday is ashes, tomorrow is wood, only today does the fire burn brightly.” — Native North American saying


Digital Mapping Solutions is a tiny firm specializing in GIS applications in natural resource management, wildland fire planning and mitigation, stream and wetland restoration, wetland delineations, water rights, and sensitive species inventories. We are a consulting firm committed to resolving client challenges using geographic information systems, site-specific information, and modeling.

We also like to make maps.

Owned and operated by Esther Mandeno, Digital Mapping Solutions has provided GIS and GPS services in the private and public sector since 2002.

What can Digital Mapping Solutions do for you?

We provide cartographic products (both print and digital), spatial data management, and analytical services. Working in the ESRI and AutoCAD Civil 3D software environments, we can provide the data and tools needed to meet your goals.